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Several of my Ships Photos with SS NORWAY and other ones soon.



- First lines drawn on November 1996.

- 1st phase (general plans) mainly defined on February 1999.

- Interior Renderings begun on October 1998.

- Web site launched on August 1st 1999

- 3D modeling of the whole external ship during May 2000.

- Finalization of plans about (1500/1800 hours) & technical datas on July 2000

- Several improvements in deck plans (security norms) on January 2001.

Still under development, to be continued...

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Public Rooms available:   


Main Dining Room

Snack & Buffet

Rear Covered Terrace

Garden / Library




Conference Rooms

Intimate Lounges

Verandah Lounge

Observation Lounge

Cabaret .............


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Staterooms available:     

Deluxe Suite

Standard Suite

Cabin with Balcony

Standard Cabin

Crew Cabins


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The Maiden Voyage

Technical Datas

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Virtual Reality Tours of the rooms

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Visit the cruise ship I'm designing with interactive plans, slide shows, 3D indoor raytracing renderings, 360° panoramic virtual tours, 3D outside renderings,animations and detailed features. This site is updated frequently as the building of the ship is going on.


You can post your own creations and visit my ship's photos pages too. I would like to make this site a great meeting place for passengers ships lovers, professionals or not, experimented or not, especially from the design's point of view. I hope it will become a tool for a turn in my career too.


Don't forget to visit my Introduction page to know and understand the philosophy of this ship, this web site...and to dream a little with me too.


Don't hesitate to give me your opinion and send me your remarks and suggestions to improve my work, by sending me an e-mail or filling my Guestbook or the Survey form.


I would really appreciate to receive true professional naval architectural/design or cruise companies opinions, no matter what they are. Anyway they would make me progress.


 And now, I hope you'll enjoy your virtual tour...

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